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Meet Ms. Maria de Bono Agius

Ms. Maria de Bono Agius MD, MRCOphth, FEBO, CCT graduated as a Medical Doctor with Honours from the University of Malta in 2006. She has been practicing Ophthalmology since 2008 and has a vast experience dealing with general eye conditions such as sight problems, cataracts, high pressure in the eye (glaucoma) and diabetic eye disease.

At we are a team of doctors offering a specialised ophthalmology service.

Working from leading clinics in Malta, is a medical services project launched by Ms Maria de Bono which aims to provide a holistic, professional Ophthalmic service, with a key focus on Oculoplastics.

Eyemedics aims to contribute to the fields of Ophthalmology and Oculoplastics in Malta through on-going research, publications and by offering patients, whenever possible, the latest available technologies, methodologies and by using state-of-the-art equipment.

Placing the patient’s needs and best interests at the very core of its services, aspires to become a leader in its field.

We're Malta's pioneers in Oculoplastics and can assist patients with a variety of eye and orbital conditions as well as with aesthetics and rejuvenation solutions.

We are easy to contact and are here to help and guide you with any eye-care matters or related advise. Drop us an email and we'll contact you back shortly.


Eye bags refer to an excess of eyelid tissue which can affect the upper and lower eyelids with age.

These are the long horizontal lines present on the forehead.

These lines appear as long, deep creases in the skin that radiate from the corners of the mouth in a downward direction.

Glabella lines are the short vertical lines found between the eyebrows and extending up the central forehead for a centimetre or so.

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Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are an extremely common condition. Dry eyes are increasing amongst young adults due to our modern lifestyle. - Read More

Eyelid Cysts

A chalazion (also known as meibomian cyst) appears as a lump on the eyelid. It is a common condition, it is benign and easily recognised and diagnosed. - Read More

Eye & Socket Care

Removal of an eye (an enucleation), or the inside of an eye (an evisceration), may be necessary for a variety of reasons. - Read More


Cataracts are when the lens,
a small transparent disc inside your eye,
develops cloudy patches. - Read More

Plastic surgery in and around your eyes

Cosmetic eyelid surgery embraces a number of procedures to correct hooded or baggy eyelids and improve the aesthetic appearance of the eyelids and surrounding area of the face, including the eyebrows, forehead and midface. This can be done by means of plasma skin tightening technology, surgical procedures or injectable treatments such as Botulinum and fillers.

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