As we embark on a new year in the radiant Mediterranean setting of Malta, it’s crucial to tailor our resolutions for optimal eye care to the local context. Here are 6 resolutions to consider, keeping in mind the high UV index in Malta: 1. Schedule an Annual Eye Test for the Entire Family Routine eye
‘Tis the season to be merry and enjoy festive gatherings with friends and family. As Christmas approaches, many people partake in the joyous tradition of raising a glass in celebration. While spreading holiday cheer is wonderful, it’s essential to be mindful of our health, including the well-being of our eyes. Excessive alcohol consumption during the
Hello, readers! As an Oculoplastics Surgeon, I am here to shed light on a common yet often misunderstood eye condition called blepharitis. This inflammatory disorder affects the eyelids and can lead to discomfort, irritation, and even vision problems if left untreated. Let’s delve into the causes, symptoms, and potential remedies for blepharitis. Causes of Blepharitis:
Ħaġa sabiħa! As the chill of the Maltese winter embraces our islands, it brings with it a unique blend of mild temperatures, gentle rains, and the occasional gusts of wind. Unlike the snowy landscapes of Northern Europe, our winters are characterized by their own subtleties. As an eye doctor, I’d like to share some tips
Using makeup around the eyes can enhance your appearance, but it’s essential to take precautions to protect your eyes. Here are the tips: If you experience persistent irritation, redness, or other eye issues, consult with an eye care professional. They can provide guidance on the best products and practices for your individual eye health.
Consultation: First of all, Dr. Agius was exceptionally welcoming. She gently visited me and explained the pros and cons of the procedure. I felt so comfortable with her and her explanation that I decided to proceed with the procedure and proceed with the booking. I discussed my work schedule availability with her, and she did

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