"Dr Maria Agius is a top-notch ophthalmologist. I'm glad I chose her to perform my blepharoplasty; she is highly knowledgeable and extremely dedicated. I felt safe and knew I was in good hands all the way. She has magical hands and couldn't be more satisfied with the results."

Roberta Azzopardi, Madliena 

"From the very first day we stepped into Dr. Maria's office, I knew that it would be a pleasant experience; she greeted my son most cheerfully and made the whole experience fun. She has helped us immensely in treating my son's allergic conjunctivitis. I cannot praise her enough and will recommend her to absolutely anyone. The fact that she's always only a message away for me is priceless."

Rita Farrugia (OBO/ Matthew Farrugia, Age 8, Sliema)

"I was always very conscious about my drooping eye lids, they made me look tired and older. I decided on having upper eye lid blepharoplasty in May, I consulted with Dr. Maria Agius and had the procedure done in May. Honestly the results exceeded my expectations. Recovery was pretty plain sailing; in a month I was healed. After two months stitches were barely visible. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon."

Lara Seychell

"Dr. Maria Agius removed a cyst from my right eye in March this year. The procedure was fast and efficient with significant improvement in my eye sight. I have also received excellent after care since, including very thorough eye tests from Dr. Maria Agius."

Susanne Vella - Age 50, Mellieha

"Going to the eye doctor ever since I was 2 years old has always been a fun experience for me, and the best part is that it does not hurt one single bit . My parents always take me to Dr. Maria, and the way she smiles to welcome you in the clinic makes you feel so relaxed. I also like the way Dr. Maria explains the special equipment she uses to carry out eye tests. I love it the most when she puts me on the big chair and with the use of like a microscope she is able to see all the way behind my eye. And it is so funny when she puts on the weird glasses and she changes the round lenses to check if I can see the letters on the wall clearer.

Dr. Maria says that visiting the eye doctor every year for a check-up is very important, and before we leave her clinic, I always make sure to get another appointment."

Ella Fenech

"I was having trouble seeing, the operation which is known as Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty, has significantly increased my vision. Prior to the operation I was losing vision as I had a limited field of vision as well as discomfort in my eyes due to the eyelashes being pushed into my eyes.

Thanks to Ms. Maria Agius I now have a better field of vision and I can see better since the operation has eased off the heaviness from my eyes. The procedure itself was not painful and I never taught I could heal that quickly. Whoever has reduced field of vision, or saggy eyelids, I would strongly suggest to consult Dr. Maria, since the surgery has truly changed the way I see!"

Simone Bonello - Zabbar

"A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Maria Agius at Remedies Clinic B’Kara for her care, patience and professional examination of my elderly mother’s eyes. Dr. Agius’s bedside manners give you serenity and peace of mind that you are not just a number in her list of patients. God bless you."

Helen Cassar - Attard

"It is always a pleasure to have our eye care monitored by Dr Maria Agius; she is highly knowledgeable and does her work very thoroughly. Maria takes the time to explain everything to help us understand precisely the medical advice. We highly recommend Maria to everyone."

Carmen Galea - Age 72. Fgura

"I have suffered with a droopy eyelid for years, this having caused partial loss of vision especially when driving at night and overall distance calculation due to depth of vision. After having visited Ms. Agius at the Mellieha Clinic I immediately realised that my vision issues could be easily rectified. I did the painless 30 minute surgery in November 2021 and the recovery was swift and as explained by Ms. Agius. If only I had done the procedure earlier… thank you Ms. Agius."

Alfred Gafa - Age 80, Mellieha