Minimally invasive ptosis surgery

Eyelid ptosis is also known as blepharoptosis and is essentially a drooping upper eyelid or eyelids. The most common complaints at presentation are asymmetry of upper lid height, awareness of a “smaller eye,” or droopy eyelids affecting vision.

Ptosis can range from a minimal cosmetic problem to varying degrees of occlusion of the pupil that results in a visual field defect and even failure of normal vision to develop in the pediatric population. Many conditions can masquerade or present as ptosis, and it is essential for the ptosis surgeon to be aware of the potential pitfalls.


What is Minimally Invasive “Incisionless” Ptosis Repair? 

In some cases, a patient may particularly benefit from a minimally invasive approach in which no skin incision is required. This has the advantage of less bruising, decreased swelling, and minimal downtime. Not every patient is an ideal candidate; however, most patients are. There is a simple and painless test that can be performed in the office to help make this determination.

The technique itself involves accessing the eyelid muscles from the back side of the eyelid so as to avoid a skin incision. The tiny muscle that helps to open the eye is then gently tightened to help open the eye. The result is a natural appearing eyelid that is no longer "droopy."

Dr Maria de Bono Agius is happy to offer this technique to her patients. Book an appointment for further information.