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About Oculoplastic Conditions

Oculoplastics is a branch of Ophthalmology which deals with disorders of the lids, lacrimal system and orbits. Oculoplastic surgeons are fully trained ophthalmologists who have an in depth knowledge of the eyes and eyelids, in particular the anatomy and function, and understand how eyelid and lacrimal surgery can affect the comfort of the eye and the clarity of vision.

Dry, Watery Eyes

An infected tear sac due to a blocked tear pathway causing redness and swelling. - Read More

Mostly secondary to dry eyes; but could also be a problem in the tear drainage system. - Read More

A very common condition - mostly evaporative in nature or else due to aqueous deficiency. - Read More

Eyelid Conditions

Any type of skin cancer can effect the eyelid skin. Early recognition is essential for best outcomes. - Read More

Age-related changes in the eyelid can lead to an inverted or everted eyelid - with both the eye isn't adequately protected. - Read More

A droopy eyelid restricts the superior visual field; if unilateral causes cosmetic asymmetry. Occurs with increasing age. - Read More

Dry, red, bulgy and more 'starey' eyes are amongst the signs of thyroid eye disease. - Read More

Common, chronic condition causing inflamed eyelids. - Read More

One side of the face drops, with inability to close the eye causing a dry ocular surface. - Read More

Eye sockets need to be regularly checked and prosthetic eyes polished annually. - Read More

Misdirected eye lashes cause recurrent foreign body sensation and scratch the ocular surface. - Read More

These arise from the different glands found in the eyelids. Commonly benign but can cause eye irritation. - Read More

Involuntary spasms of the extraocular muscles can be uni/bilateral. Debilitating if persistent. - Read More

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