These are the wrinkles at the outer corner of the eyes.

Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are the fine crinkle lines or wrinkles clustered at the outer corners of the eyes which appear with age from as early as the mid 30’s.

As well as age and having a genetic tendency to develop crow’s feet, external factors such as sun exposure especially in fair skinned people, pollutants, and smoking all contribute to cause thinning of the overlying skin with less production of elastin and collagen.

Initially the crow’s feet are only visible on active smiling (dynamic), but with time (age) they remain permanently as fine lines radiating outwards from the outer corners of the eyes even when not smiling (static lines). Many people are bothered by the cosmetic ageing effect of visible crow’s feet and want them smoothed.

Treatment for dynamic crow’s feet:

Botulinum Toxin A micro-injections using Botox is the mainstay of treatment of dynamic lines such as crow’s feet. 4 to 5 small injections of botulinum toxin are used for the crow’s feet on each side. Since the effect is temporary and completely wears off within three to four months, further injections are then required.

Treatment for static crow’s feet:

Resurfacing techniques and volume / hydration boosting helps treat static crow’s feet.

  • Chemical peels to reduce very fine wrinkles
  • Prevention of worsening by regular Botox injections
  • Facial fillers such as Skinboosters (hyaluronic acid gel) injected into the outer corner of the eyes help smooth lines and provide dermal hydration hence mask the crow’s feet even for dynamic lines, but are best used for static deeper lines.

Patients find that getting rid of crow’s feet helps them feel “happy but not wrinkly”. The improved appearance can help you feel better and more confident about yourself and be less aged and tired looking.