Age-related changes in the eyelid can lead to an inverted or everted eyelid - with both the eye isn't adequately protected.

Ectropion/Entropion Surgery

Ectropion Surgery

An ectropion is the term used to describe the lower eyelid turning outwards and drooping away from the eye. A lower eyelid ectropion is much more common in the elderly and may affect the whole eyelid, or only the inner third. The commonest cause of ectropion is general laxity of the tissues around the eye, and of the tendons in the inner and outer corners of the eyelids. Treatment is surgical – speak to your oculoplastics specialist for advice.

Entropion Surgery

An entropion refers to a condition in which the margin of the upper or lower eyelid turns inwards against the surface of the eye. A mild entropion may cause occasional irritation, whilst a severe entropion may be sight-threatening.  The most common cause of a lower eyelid entropion is an age-related instability of the eyelid structures. Other less common causes of a lower eyelid entropion include previous trauma, chemical injuries, and inflammatory disorders of the conjunctiva on the inner aspects of the eyelids. Treatment is surgical – entropion requires an operation to turn the eyelid margin and eyelashes away from the eye.