Mostly secondary to dry eyes; but could also be a problem in the tear drainage system.

Watery eyes

There are many different causes of watering eyes in adults, who can be troubled by their watering as it can blur vision, make the skin around the eyes very sore and make them look as though they are crying all the time.

Tears are naturally produced by the lacrimal gland in the upper outer part of the orbit, underneath the upper eyelid, and also from accessory tear tissue around the surface of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids. The tears serve to keep the eyes moist and the vision clear and are therefore necessary. The tears drain via the puncta (tiny holes in the corner of the eyelids) into the fine lacrimal ducts (canaliculi) which enter the lacrimal sac. The lacrimal sac, in turn, drains into the nose via the tear duct, (nasolacrimal duct).

The 3 main causes of watery eyes are:

  • Dry eyes / blepharitis / poor quality tear film
  • Lid malposition
  • Blocked drainage pathway

The oculoplastic surgeon’s job is to diagnose what the cause of the watering eyes is and to offer the appropriate treatment, which may be medical or surgical.