DETECTING AND DEALING WITH IMPAIRED VISION IN SCHOOL-AGE CHILDREN – by Dr. Maria de Bono Agius, Consultant in Ophthalmology For kids to do well at school, having good eyesight is essential. Studies have shown that every 1 in 4 children suffer from visual problems and which if left untreated will cause the child to struggle
The number one sign of aging; fine lines and facial creases can be both frustrating and inevitable. While this may be universally true, all wrinkles are not created equally. There are two types of facial lines, Dynamic and Static. Each has a unique cause, and each require a different treatment to obtain optimal results. Dynamic

5 Tips To Protect Your Eyes Online

Are you a smart phone or PC User? These are 5 simple tips to protect your eyes… PC and Smart Phones dominate much of our time. They make our work and social life much more fun. However, excessive time browsing the net, sms’ing or replying to emails on smart phones may cause many problems to

What is Oculoplastics Surgery?

Oculoplastics surgery is a relatively “new” subspecialty within Ophthalmology which deals with disorders of the lids, lacrimal system and orbits. Oculoplastic surgeons are fully trained ophthalmologists who have an in depth knowledge of the eyes and eyelids, in particular the anatomy and function, and understand how eyelid and lacrimal surgery can affect the comfort of

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